We're doing this for our pets, remember that.

Partnership Opportunities

Every day, passionate pet parents are using the EdgyPet platform to connect with content that’s relatable and personalized for their pets. EdgyPet’s ability to take what our users share and make sure it gets seen by those who will enjoy it and benefit from it the most, is what EdgyPet does best.

EdgyPet’s unique built-in functionality is designed to make “finding” and “connecting” easier. This is particularly the case for products and services referenced by pet parents in posts and comments.

Our growing database of products, and our users’ ability to access the google places API to tag specific content, ensures the opinions and recommendations of pet parents are documented, shared and memorialized for the benefit of others. The option to purchase tagged products through an affiliate link or be directed to a service provider’s website, is also available for EdgyPet pet parents.

EdgyPet’s platform provides a winning solution for pet owners, brands and services providers.

  • To add your pet-related products to our database (along with your affiliate link), or to ensure your online business (1) is searchable by our users, please contact [email protected] and reference “Partnership Opportunity.”
  • To discuss other partnership opportunities, please contact [email protected] and reference “Collaboration.”

(1) Relates only to those pet-related businesses, organizations or non-profits with no physical address.